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Power Smart SeriesVariable Line Racing delivers the “Emerald Karting Experience” and the latest technology in chassis design and manufacturing. The “standard” Emerald chassis and LO206 engine package provide a quality low cost of entry to the sport of karting as well as low maintenance costs. But do not be confused, VLR has ensured the “Emerald Karting Experience” is completely scalable.

The “standard” package is delivered in the simplest, easiest form to use. In this configuration the “Emerald Karting Experience” will support the entry level new driver, a field of racers in a spec configuration as well as the professional driver competing at the pinnacle of the sport.

VLR “Emerald Karting Experience”... Changing the Game



Power Smart SeriesKartlift an industry leader in winchlift kart stands. Kartlift manufactures a wide selection of kart stands from it’s signature winchlift to it’s traditional stands, double and triple stacker, single and double upright as well as its very popular winchlift stacker stand. Kartlift also manufactures tire changers and both stainless steel and plastic skid plates. For more information about Kartlift products check out our many dealers across the USA or visit us at our website:


Franklin Kart

RLV USA Franklin Kart is much more than just another kart shop. For over 15 years Jamie and George Sieracki have helped countless drivers and teams raise their skills and competitiveness. Year after year, teams and drivers who trust Franklin reach the very top of national events with quality products, expert advice and Team FMS trackside support.

See them in-person or on-line for Merlin Chassis, Tillet Racing Seats, AIM Sports, and a variety of tire, clutch, and engine brands as well as accessories, lubricants and tools.




In 2012 Briggs and Stratton Racing reached out to Amsoil, the leader in synthetic lubricants, to engineer an oil that overcomes the key issues and shortfalls with oils typically used in our high revving, splash lube, high temperature environment. Briggs and Stratton 4T is the result of over a year of joint development and the ONLY oil Briggs Racing recommends for use our racing engines. The protection, the life, and performance without compromise! Briggs & Stratton 4T is available through any BriggsRacing or Amsoil dealer.


EK Chain

Sonic Tools

The EK Chain name is synonymous with kart racing chain. Developed in 1978, it was the first extended bushing chain. EK Chain combines the qualities of High Tensile Strength, Low Wear, and Impact Resistance into a Championship Quality Chain known for its Anti-kinking Performance and Fatigue Toughness. EK Kart Chain is available in #219, #35 and #40 Sizes.

EK Kart Chain is proud to be a 2020 Sponsor for the Cup Karts North America Kart Series. The Brand has supported the Series over the last 4 years with sponsorship dollars as well as giveaways to competitors at every event. Cup Karts North America has grown to become one of the Premier LO206 Racing Series in the World today.

EK Kart Chain Continues to Be The Racing Chain of Champions!



Sonic Tools

The North American Clutch Corporation, known as NORAM, has produced centrifugal clutches, clutch brakes and other power transfer system solutions to satisfied customers for over 60 years. The talented engineering team continues to produce innovative and technologically superior clutches for a range of applications.

NORAM has taken years of technical innovation in design, precision engineering and experience and combined it with high quality components to create a line of 4 Cycle Kart Racing Clutches unlike any other in the industry. Versatility by design allows NORAM Racing Products to be “tuned” to fit your machine’s own unique characteristics as well as the track’s. This means response based upon your standards, not somebody else’s. The belief that high quality doesn’t have to mean high price increases your chances of winning, not your cash output.

The Choice is Simple, Why Run When You Can Fly?



Sonic Tools

Founded in 1905, The Hilliard Corporation has evolved from a one-product business into a special-applications engineering company serving customers worldwide. The Hilliard Corporation offers a broad line of motion control products, clutches, oil filtration and reclaiming equipment, starters for industrial gas and diesel engines and gas turbines, and plate and frame filter presses used in the food and beverage industry.



Sonic Tools

Zamp offers a variety of racing products and full product line can be seen at www.zamp-racing.com. Each product features leading edge technology while meeting severe safety standards like Snell SA-2015, FIA 8859-2015, Snell CMR 2016, SFI 24.1 and many more. Our products provide the best value, features, and selection for many styles of racing at every price point. Check out our 130 page catalog of race gear at:



Sonic Tools

RLV offers a complete line of high quality 2 and 4-cycle exhaust products, silencers and many other quality karting products. Tested, analyzed, and manufactured in-house, RLV exhaust products are a standard in karting and available through a network of racing dealers.


Briggs & Stratton Inverters

Sonic Tools

The PowerSmart Series™ technology is up to 38% quieter than traditional generators, lightweight for ultimate portability, and safe for sensitive electronics. Smart power from Briggs & Stratton, a leader in generator technology.

Briggs & Stratton Portable Generators

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