Briggs Racing - Weekly Racing Series

2022 WRS Changes/Reminders

Notable Reminders Worth Highlighting

  • Race dates – February 1st (allowing backdating) through September 26th, 2022.
  • Racers can participate in more than one class at the same track or club BUT only their top total score will be eligible for a prize (multiple prizes will not be awarded to any one racer at a single track or club).   IF a racer competes at two DIFFERENT tracks or clubs then they will be eligible for multiple prizes based on their final points.
  • 2022 Classes:  Sports/Cadet, Junior 1, Junior 2, Junior Spec, Senior Spec, Senior, Senior Medium, Senior Heavy, Masters, Woman’s 206.
  • Final national rankings will now determine prizes.
  • Prizes will go to 100th place.
  • Senior/Masters points will now be based off of 10 karts versus 11 and Juniors will be based off 10 karts for max points.
  • REMINDER of our Bonus Category – We are now award the winner of the pre-final on a WRS race an extra .25 of a point.  Tracks make sure to circle or identify your pre-final winner to gain this bonus!
  • Final tie-breaker – In case of a tie, if total points accumulated in the ‘finishing position’ category does not determine a winner, the ACTUAL number of karts finished ahead of for your 7 races will be used.