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Below are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Will Briggs & Stratton sponsor me? +

Because of our unique role in racing we have a corporate policy that keeps us from sponsoring any individual driver or team. It truly would be impossible to be fair to everyone that supports us by racing our products. This is why we are one of the largest, if not the largest, supporter of the sanctioning organizations and clubs in this country. This allows us to support our customers and racing as a whole by offsetting the cost of racing through event sponsorships and product giveaways on a national, as well as regional level.

Can I buy parts directly from the factory? +

The purchase of our racing engines and parts are only available through our Racing Centers, we do not sell direct. Locate your nearest Briggs & Stratton Racing Authorized Dealer.

Is there an advantage to different oil levels in my engine? +

The results showed that at the lower rpm the reduced oil level did show a trend of increasing the power but below 4000rpm. The min values on the bar chart show that 14–16oz of oil produced the best output. This could be due to increased heat at levels below this. The upper rpm range was very similar and do to inconsistencies of the testing equipment and engine a power advantage could not be concluded. Thoughts for the 3500rpm point showing a bigger power advantage over the higher rpm is because of the oil level in the sump being higher at this speed. At the higher engine speeds, the sumps oil level is reduced as the oil is flung against the walls and other components reducing the amount of oil the cam gear and rod/crank are exposed to. * Initial thoughts on windage power consumption are that it increases as rpm is increased (but most documentation is not on splash lube oil system). Overall the test results were very consistent and very little if any advantage could be seen from the different levels. At most .1hp could be gained at different points by running an oil level below that of a safe level. Track testing has shown 16oz to be reliable, and should be the recommended minimum race level for our engines. The power advantage of the lower level is seen at this point, and reliability is not compromised. * Note: During the 8oz test the piston stuck in the bore while running at the 3500rpm set point. 10oz proved to be the low level threshold that the engine will tolerate.

What are the prices on your engines? +

We only set suggest list pricing on our products. To find actual "street" pricing we suggest using our Dealer Locator to contact someone in your area.

Can I use one of your Racing engines for this application? +

Briggs & Stratton racing engines are manufactured for sanctioned racing only. We do not recommend our products used for an application outside of their initial intention, as serious injury or death could result.

How can I make more horsepower? +

Our focus is to offer a line of racing engines that is suitable for different forms of sanctioned racing. All modifications to our product should be made by a professional engine builder to suit the type of racing that you are going to be participating in. For a list of qualified Dealers, please use our Dealer Locator to find someone in your area.