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Briggs & Stratton Racing Engines

WRS changes from 2016

Briggs and Stratton GeneratorsThere are several notable changes for 2017 that we wanted to highlight. 

  • Race dates – February 1st  (with backdating) through October 8th.
  • Each club in good standing* will have access to purchase a 5,000 Watt generator which currently retails for $850 for $350 DELIVERED (below cost) for a fundraising item or banquet giveaway.
  • National rankings will now determine prizes.
  • Prizes will go to 50th place verses 17th place regionally.
  • Points calculations:
    • Senior/Masters points will now be based off of 11 karts verses 10 and Juniors 10 karts verses 7 karts for max points.
    • This change is a reflection on the growth of our program while still keeping smaller but growing programs in the hunt for prizes.
    • Bonus Category – We will now award the winner of the pre-final on a WRS race an extra .25 of a point.  Tracks make sure to circle or identify your pre-final winner to gain this bonus!
      • This provides continued incentive going into the final races for competitors who might find themselves in a points tie.
    • Final tie-breaker – In case of a tie, if total points accumulated in the ‘finishing position’ category does not determine a winner, the ACTUAL number of karts finished ahead of for your 7 races will be used.