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Primary Use: Quarter Midgets

Building off of the proven success of the Animal engine, the M-series is the first dedicated racing engine engineered to meet the needs of the Quarter Midget market.  Right out-of-the-box, the M-series is focused on the consistency, and simplicity that racers deserve.  Each engine is hand-built and tested in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with the craftsmanship and quality we stand behind.




  • Reinforced, Cast Iron Sleeved, Dual Ball Bearing RACING cylinder
  • Single cast, custom aluminum alloy cylinder head with high-flow intake port, custom seat/guide material
  • Squeeze cast, T-7 het treated aluminum rod with reinforced I-beam
  • Carbon steel crankshaft with Induction hardened micro-polished crankpin reinforced timing gear and hardened splined output shaft for 6-1 gearbox (555721)
  • Custom top control plate firewall clearance
  • Cam ground, barrel faced, eutectic alloy piston with 3 piece ring set with chrome faced top ring

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Technology from OHV racing engineered to the specific needs of quarter midget racing.

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