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NEW Briggs & Stratton 206 Seal System Released

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NEW Briggs & Stratton 206 Seal System Released

Starting last week every Briggs & Stratton 206 race engine and short block manufactured will ship with a new custom ‘SMART’ seal system.  “A wealth of engine information will now be available via your smart phone” stated David Klaus, Director - Briggs & Stratton Racing.  Each serialized/UPC code, when interfaced through a phone app, will give a racer the electronic build history of that engine (currently paper) along with any documented tech history over the life of the engine.  “The information we have been collecting from the start of this program will have an interface in the future.” 

 Racers will be able to register their engine/short block for prizes and have instant access to build specifications along with critical support documents.  In registering each racer will receive instant notifications of any US-based rule changes, insider tips, and have access to exclusive race discounts/promotions in their area.  “We will now be able to support our customers with active information and improve on the consumer experience through personalized content based on their country or region.”

Tech officials will now have access to individual engine/short block data, past tech history and have the ability to note any inspection issues which will stay coded to an engine.  “A marked non-compliant engine will now essentially be taken out of circulation.  This is one more step in maintaining a level playing field using technology.  At the same time knowing an engine’s history can help a racer to make better informed decisions when it comes to purchasing a used engine.”

In the not so distant future every digital measurement from cam profile to fastener torque will be electronically documented further highlighting the precision that allows a racer to open a box and competitively race on day one. “The 206 program isn’t about slapping seals on an engine but a long process that begins with controlling every casting and manufacturing method with tolerances impossible in mass production.”

“Quality isn’t something to hide.  We want our customers to know the effort put into every engine.  This seal system reaffirms that effort, provides data to inform and maintain parity on the race track. ”        

Additional information regarding the app and website interface will be published in the upcoming weeks.


David Klaus

Director - Briggs & Stratton Racing