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Air Inlet Chamfer Clarification

Effective January 1st, 2017

206, Animal, M-series, World Formula

At the choke bore ID (sometimes referred to as the air horn) on the PZ22 and PZ26 a slight chamfer to remove any burrs left during facing of the inlet lip may be present.  This is not new to the manufacturing of our carburetors but a recent concern and reason for this bulletin is that the finish appearance of this chamfer has changed.    

The machining process of this chamfer now occurs after each carburetor body goes through a chemical bath to remove machining residue.  This bath created the uniform coloring of the aluminum which previously minimized the visibility.  

The PZ22 choke bore (air horn) has and will continue to remain subject to the 1.149” no go tech tool (A7).

To prevent any issue with appearance we will make the following 206 rule clarification effective immediately:

18.  Carburetor & Intake Manifold (2nd Paragraph):  A slight chamfer around the choke bore ID (air horn) may be present.  1.149 no go TECH TOOL A7.

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